Learn to Become a Web Designer With the Best Online Courses

With the right online course, you can become the web designer you always dreamed of. Focus on learning and perfecting your craft, not on finding the best courses to take – let me take care of that part.

Flux Academy is the all-in-one web design academy you need to learn how to strategize a winning website, design a custom site in Webflow, and then learn how to work on your business to grow & scale. The instructor, Ran Segall, is incredibly knowledgeable on these topics and does a great job condensing the information into easy to follow videos and full courses.

Recent Reviews

The Best Online Web Design Courses in 2021

There are so many online web design courses that it is difficult to know which ones are worth taking. After spending thousands on numerous online web design courses, here are my absolute favorites that you should invest in if you want to level up your

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Who is Behind Online Web Design Courses?

Hey there, I'm Daniel!

I made my first website back in middle school and began learning the ins and outs of WordPress. The problem was that I didn’t have anyone near me that really knew WordPress or web design in general well enough to learn from. It just didn’t seem like a profession people were doing just yet in my area.

So, I jumped online and, as if straight from a storybook, learned web design on the web. I went through tons of materials, lots of free YouTube videos as well as tons of paid courses. Over my 10+ years of being a student of web design, I’ve come across some amazing courses that really connected with me.

I decided I would write reviews on my favorite web design courses so that if you are someone who is interested in learning web design, you can go straight to the cream of the crop. 

I hope this site is useful for you and wish you the best of luck in your web design adventures!

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