Webflow Masterclass Review (2023) – Better than Webflow University?

Take a look at the website for Flux Academy. It was built entirely in Webflow. What if you were able to ask the person who made the site how they made it and how you can learn to create a site like that for yourself or for your clients?

Enter the Webflow Masterclass.

Ran Segall is the Webflow Master to Learn From

Flux Academy’s Webflow Masterclass is truly a masterclass in Webflow. From the fundamentals to creating dynamic websites to creating animations and even seeing full builds from beginning to end, you’ll learn everything you need to launch amazing Webflow courses in no time. The power of this course over other offerings is how streamlined the teaching is. Ran Segall, the instructor, is clearly a Webflow master and, if you like learning from one of the greats themselves, then this is the course for you.

The Webflow Masterclass Review Summary

The Webflow Masterclass contains everything you need to know to master the fundamentals of Webflow and learn the advanced techniques so you can be confident in making amazing Webflow sites from start to finish. Ran leaves no stone unturned by revealing all his secrets to building sites quickly and, even though it is a masterclass in Webflow, there is much to be learned still if you use a different platform.

Pros of Webflow Masterclass

Incredible library of content
Learning from the best of the best in Webflow
Clear and concise teaching
Extremely high production value from their videos
Private group available for mentoring
Instructors are very accessible to students
Videos available offline on mobile app
Constantly making new, fresh content


As Flux Academy expands, I would love to see a Masterclass in a different software as well, like Elementor. I 100% understand his positioning for using Webflow, but it would be cool to have his level of instruction and skill on another software as an option.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the Webflow Masterclass and see what they have to offer and if it is the right solution for you. For your convenience, use the table of contents to navigate to different sections of the review.

What is the Webflow Masterclass?

The Webflow Masterclass is one of three courses currently offered by Flux Academy, an online design school founded by Ran Segall.

Ran Segall runs a popular YouTube channel (Flux Academy) where he creates regular content. He also has a free web design course on his YouTube channel that you can watch as well.

Here are benefits you can expect with Webflow Masterclass:

Learn the ins and outs of Webflow
Be able to build anything in Webflow
Get feedback from other designers
Learn from a structured, all-in-one course system

Modules Covered by the Webflow Masterclass

The Webflow Masterclass covers a ton of content. As you can see below, it covers the basics, how to create dynamic content sites, how to work with animations, and even has complete case studies on website build from start to finish.

Course Content Style for the Webflow Masterclass

Ran Segall is the instructor for the Webflow Masterclass and the course follows an effective formula. He uses a mixture of well-designed slides, voiceover, and screen recordings to teach the material. He does so in a conversational tone that is easy to listen to, easy to follow, and he does a good job keeping the videos to the point.

It is worth noting that this course went through a large overhaul fairly recently. I first joined when it was announced early on and the course was fantastic then. Now, all of the videos have been re-done with upgraded audio, visuals, and clearer instruction. I’m very impressed that he went through and did this and he definitely earns points from me for this, making me feel like this is a course that he will continue to take care of.

What Makes the Webflow Masterclass Better Than the Other Options?

The main challenge with other courses on Webflow is how disjointed the topics can be. You may learn about a specific tool or element but not learn how it contextually will work in a professional workflow. Not only that, but it can be tough constantly asking yourself, “But is this is optimal way to do it?”

In many cases, especially when watching YouTube tutorials or other free offerings, I’m skeptical that the methods taught may not be the best way to do it.

However, with Ran Segall’s Webflow Masterclass, I don’t have to worry about that. And I don’t. This masterclass gives you access to a true master’s mind when it comes to Webflow and if he is doing it this way then this is the way to do it. This isn’t to say that Ran knows everything (well, he might, actually, lol) but there is a sense of confidence you gain when you learn from someone who is at the top of the game in that industry. I mean, we wouldn’t question learning how to shoot a jumper from Michael Jordan, right?

Ongoing mentorship and help

Flux Academy has an extremely active private community for their students with regular live calls with Ran, live calls with other industry leaders joining in, as well as other skilled students themselves. If you are looking to get critiques or bounce ideas off of others that are in the same space, then you will enjoy the mentorship perk that comes with the purchase of the program.

But What If I Don’t Want to Use Webflow?

I’ll be honest – I don’t use Webflow. I bought this course with the 100% intention of using Webflow moving forward. But, as I examined my current business model and what I do, it just didn’t quite make sense for me to use Webflow at the moment. But, if you don’t want to use Webflow, will you still benefit from this course? Yes. Do I think you should still buy it? Probably not.

Yes, if you are interested in Webflow, this is the best course on the topic, hands down. It’ll teach you everything you need to know. But, if the main reason for taking this course isn’t to learn and master Webflow, you would probably be better suited with one of Flux Academy’s other courses, which are not software specific.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Webflow has proven itself to be an amazing option to create compelling websites. If you want to master Webflow and create amazing websites without any boundaries, this is the course for you. You’ll not only master Webflow, but you’ll also be able to look over the shoulder of one of the masters as he shows you how he does what he does on real client projects. And, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if it isn’t a good fit for you, you can always request a refund.

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