Web Design Pro Review (2021) – Does it Actually Work?

What if there was a blueprint that showed you, step-by-step, to plan, strategize, and create websites that you could sell for $10k+ to clients? Ran Segall of Flux Academy has set out do to just that. But, does it deliver and can you get these results too?

Design Great Websites confidently

Web Design Pro course (formerly known as the $10k Website Process) goes above and beyond to show you how a website is built and how you can do the same in your practice. With his powerful tips on strategy, storytelling through web design, tips & tricks for effective layouts, and overall recommendations for the web design process as a whole, this is the perfect course for anyone who hasn’t sold/built a $10k website and wants to learn what it takes.


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Web Design Pro by Flux Academy Review Summary

The $10k Website Process course (now named Web Design Pro) by Flux Academy’s Ran Segall is perfectly named. It will show you the process to create a website worth $10k. The designs Ran creates themselves are mindblowing and amazing, but perhaps even more impressive is how he strategically approaches projects to create a design that not only looks good but aligns with strategic goals the website has set.

Pros of $10k Website Process

Incredible library of content
Clear and concise teaching
Extremely high production value from their videos
Private group available for mentoring
Instructors are very accessible to students
Videos available offline on mobile app
Constantly making new, fresh content


I’m ready for more courses from Flux Academy!

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the $10K Website Process and see what they have to offer and if it is the right solution for you. For your convenience, use the table of contents to navigate to different sections of the review.

What is the $10k Website Process (Now Named Web Design Pro)

The $10K Website Process is one of three courses currently offered by Flux Academy, the name of the online school started by Ran Segall.

Ran Segall runs a popular YouTube channel (Flux Academy) where he creates regular content. He also has a free web design course on his YouTube channel that you can watch as well.

Here are benefits you can expect with 10K Website Process:

Land $10K+ website contracts
Gain confidence in your website process
Get feedback from other designers
Learn from a structured, all-in-one course system

Modules Covered by the $10K Website Process Course

The $10K Website Process course covers a ton of topics, from creative strategy, storytelling, all the way to project management. Personally, I really enjoyed the topics on strategy and storytelling, as they helped change my perspective on how to apply storytelling techniques to web design.

Course Content Style

Ran Segall is the main instructor for the $10K Website Process. A typical video includes Ran talking while going through essential talking points from well-designed slides. The style is a mix between well-thought-out talking points and a coffee chat with a mentor. I enjoyed the pacing of the videos and felt it was a very good fit based on the material that was being taught.

The Power of the exclusive inside look

What if you were able to look at a website that was sold for $10K+? Then, you were able to sit down with the designer and have all of your questions answered? Then, that person, after talking with you for hours, condensed your conversation into well-structured lessons, modules, downloads, and even recorded themself working through real client projects?

Welcome to the $10K Website Process.

Being able to essentially get an inside look at Ran as he goes through website projects is super valuable. The true value for me of this course is learning these processes and strategic steps he takes to elevate the websites and inject value for the client. In addition, he doesn’t just say “you need a strategic website”, he shows you how to accomplish that through actual design choices and through a framework he provides. This is not lecturing for the sake of lecturing, this is educating with a clear action plan on how to implement.

Ongoing mentorship and help

The $10K Website Process also grants you access to their private student community. In this group, you can ask for design feedback and network with others students that are enrolled in the course. In addition, you have access to the Flux Academy team that are very responsive to questions. There are regular, exclusive live calls as well in the group and they are constantly finding new ways to add value and recommend new tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness in your web design.

A Note About Webflow and how it relates to the $10K Website Process

If you didn’t know, Flux Academy has a couple other courses available in their catalog, including a Webflow Masterclass and the Six-Figure Freelancer. One question you may have prior to enrolling is if you need to be a Webflow designer to benefit from this course. As someone who builds (almost) exclusively in Elementor, you do not have to use Webflow to benefit. He does talk about the benefits of different platforms and is clearly a Webflow fan, but the teachings contained in this course are not reliant on any specific software.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

For anyone that has been building websites and wants to begin building/selling websites for $10K+, there is no better course than this. You will learn tips, tricks, and secrets from the web design guru himself that you will be able to implement in your projects, regardless of what platform you use. And, with a 30-day money-back guarantee backing this course, there is no reason to give it a try and, if it isn’t what you were expecting, simply ask for a refund.

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