The Best Online Web Design Courses in 2021

There are so many online web design courses that it is difficult to know which ones are worth taking. After spending thousands on numerous online web design courses, here are my absolute favorites that you should invest in if you want to level up your web design in 2021.

Flux Academy – The Ultimate web Design School

Flux Academy’s main promise is “Learn the Art & Business of Web Design… to Create a Successful and Fulfilling Career as a Freelance Web Designer” and that pretty much nails it.


The Flux Academy Team has opened up enrollment for all their courses! If you have wanted to try any of their courses, NOW IS THE TIME!

Click here to view the best pricing on their courses.

If you are interested in their other courses, I would recommend you sign up for this or their email list as they will likely open the doors to the other courses soon as well.

Ran Segall, the founder of Flux Academy, has created a lean catalog of three courses that provide you with everything you need to be a successful web designer.

1. Web Design Pro – Land Bigger Clients with Strategic Websites

The $10K Website Process is aptly named because it will show you every step needed to get to creating a website you can create for clients that is worth $10k. If you are a web designer that has hit a wall and wants to start building sites that are worth $10K+, then this course is literally created just for you.

2. Webflow Masterclass – master webflow and make modern sites that delight

I’ll be honest. I have not converted to Webflow (yet). But, I have taken this course and I absolutely LOVED it. Why? Even though this course does show the ins and outs of Webflow and how to convert a wireframe into a Webflow build, it’s very worthwhile for me to be able to see a professional working and learning from their perspective. I do intend to continue to investigate Webflow to see if it’s something I need to switch to if it makes business sense for me. Regardless, if you are someone who is looking to learn Webflow, then there is no better choice than this. And, frankly, if I were to start web design today, I would start with Webflow.

3. 6 Figure Freelancer – work on your business to make it grow

Once you have mastered the building of sites, how do you begin carving out a niche, working on pricing, stand out with your marketing, and other elements essential to business growth? All of these (and more) are answered in the 6 Figure Freelancer course. I will say – implementing these tactics and tools has been critical to the growth of my business. This course covers so many topics that will quickly turn you into a confident freelancer that has a solid grasp on nearly every aspect of your business.

The Verdict for Flux Academy – Is it Worth it?

If you are looking to level up your web design freelancing, there is no better place than Flux Academy. They have everything you need to build the websites that you can sell for $10K+ and also manage your business to continue to grow and scale.

And, they have a money-back guarantee. So, there’s truly no reason not to give them a try and, if it’s not a good fit, you can request a refund. But, like many others (including myself), I think you’ll find it to be well-worth the investment.

4. Design Academy’s Design Fundamentals Course

Have you ever wanted to learn the step-by-step process to create a truly unique web design? Laura Elizabeth of Design Academy has set out to do just that. And she has succeeded.

A Masterclass in Web Design Process

The core of what makes this class so valuable is how accessible and practical the tips and teachings are. Laura takes you step-by-step through a real example and takes what can be an incredibly daunting process and makes it streamlined. She shares numerous tips and secrets throughout her process that have literally saved me hours and hours of time. As one example, in her section about preparing text content, she provides a very simple tip about how to prepare content that has helped me avoid back and forth with clients.

The Verdict for Design Academy – Is it Worth it?

If you have ever wanted to learn from a professional how to create truly handcrafted website designs, then there is no better course for you than this one.

So, Which Course Should I Take?

  • Flux Academy is the perfect all-in-one web design school to teach you everything you need to be a successful web designer if you have the budget for it.
  • The $10K Website Process course is perfect for those that have yet created/sold a website that sells for $10K+. It will teach you and show you what a $10K+ website is built with and how one is made.
  • The Webflow Masterclass is perfect to take your design knowledge and translate it into making breathtaking sites on a modern platform that is built for designers.
  • The 6 Figure Freelancer is great for web designers who want to learn how to improve their business in ways other than improving their design skills.
  • Design Academy is an amazing fit for someone that wants to break away from using templates and create truly handcrafted web designs, or even gain confidence in making stronger design decisions when remixing templates to better mesh with a client’s existing brand.


There are so many web design courses available that it’s hard to know which ones are worth taking. I’ve highlighted a few in this article that I hope help you on your web design journey. I am working on more reviews currently and will update this page as the reviews come out. Until then, happy learning!

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