6 Figure Freelance Designer Review (2023) – The True Path to 6 Figures?

What if you could have the blueprint to create a business that makes 6 figures, from someone who actually has made 6 figures with his own business?

Enter the 6 Figure Freelance Designer.

6 Figure Freelancer by Flux Academy – Is It Worth It?

The 6 Figure Freelancer provides the framework and coaching you need to think outside the box and position your business in a place to reach its goal. You’ll be learning how to position yourself, market yourself, the financial side of your business, and so much more in a jampacked coaching series that gives you the necessary toolkit to elevate to 6 figures and beyond.

If you are a freelance designer who has not hit 6 figures and wants to learn how to achieve that goal, this is the course for you.

The 6 Figure Freelance Designer Review Summary

The 6 Figure Freelance Designer contains everything you need to do, outside of actually designing, to build and grow a successful freelance practice in the design space. This is the missing manual for many that have incredible design skills but haven’t learned the business side of their craft. Get ready to gain some serious confidence running your own freelance business after this.

Pros of 6 Figure Freelance Designer

Incredible library of content
Week-by-week coaching setup makes it easy to follow along and do the necessary work
Clear and concise teaching
Extremely high production value from their videos
Private group available for mentoring
Instructors are very accessible to students
Videos available offline on mobile app
Constantly making new, fresh content


As Flux Academy expands, I would love to see a Masterclass in a different software as well, like Elementor. I 100% understand his positioning for using Webflow, but it would be cool to have his level of instruction and skill on another software as an option.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the 6 Figure Freelancer and see what they have to offer and if it is the right solution for you. For your convenience, use the table of contents to navigate to different sections of the review.

What is the 6 Figure Freelancer?

The 6 Figure Freelancer is one of three courses by Flux Academy that helps designers take their freelance practice to the next level. This course is positioned perfectly for those that have strong design skills but may not have learned the business side of their practice. This is that training you have been looking for.

Ran Segall runs a popular YouTube channel (Flux Academy) where he creates regular content. He also has a free web design course on his YouTube channel that you can watch as well.

Here are benefits you can expect with the 6 Figure Freelancer:

Become a well-rounded and confident freelancer in the important areas of your business
Position and market yourself better to your ideal clients
Become financially confident in your business
Learn from a structured, all-in-one course system

Modules Covered by the 6 Figure Freelancer

The 6 Figure Freelancer covers a ton of relevant freelance business topics in-depth in a week-by-week structure. Some of the topics include niching, deciding between personal or company branding, how to position yourself on your own website, how to price and negotiate, and so much more listed below. I really enjoyed the weekly action items as they give you a clear goal to accomplish every week as you pace yourself through the coursework.

Course Content Style for the 6 Figure Freelancer

Ran Segall is the instructor for the 6 Figure Freelancer and has broken this course into a week-by-week structure. Each week focuses on a specific aspect of your business with a clear action item for each week. The videos are similar in style to Ran’s other courses, opting for visually attractive slides, voice-over, and screen capture to carry the educational material. One very cool video he includes in each of the weeks is a video on giving feedback to students. These are particularly useful because it lets you see how another student has completed the assignment and what they did well or could improve on. I learned a lot from these videos because of this.

My Honest Opinion On Who Should take the 6 Figure Freelancer Course

You want to grow your freelance business. The problem is you:

  • aren’t getting enough leads.
  • don’t feel confident in your finances.
  • are unsure what to price your projects at.
  • don’t know how to negotiate projects well.
  • feel unsure how to streamline your business to work more efficiently.
  • feel stuck and unsure how to grow beyond your current point.

If you resonate with any of the above problems, this is the right course for you. This course is particularly useful because it is directed primarily at web designers. In other cases, even with popular YouTube channels that teach similar topics, it can be tough to know how it actually would work in your particular industry. With this course, you will feel very well connected to the material, if you are a web designer, and be able to implement all of the teachings in one way or another.

Ongoing mentorship and help

Flux Academy has a very active online community and this extends to the 6 Figure Freelancer course as well. This course benefits greatly from having a community because they can help you work through the (awesome) workbooks that are bundled in the course. This is one of the courses in which it is extremely helpful to have another set of eyes take a look at your workbook as you go through it because of how different your answers may be from another person’s.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The 6 Figure Freelance Designer course is the definitive course for web designers to grow a successful freelance business. If you are a web designer doing work, you will find tips, tricks, secrets, and solid business tactics to take your freelance business to the next level.

And, with their 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, they will give you a full refund, no questions asked. There’s no reason, if you believe it’s a good fit, not to go ahead and give it a try.

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